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MobYD’s MYDTOOLS Technology For Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns on our Mobile Ad Network





MYDTOOLS Technology Engine:


+ 48 billion Impressions (November 2012)
Over 12.500 Publishers on our Mobile Ad Network
160 Countries
Real-time targeting decisions capabilities
Solutions for our developers, advertisers, and certified platform partners


MYDTOOLS Technology


  • Real-time optimization and data decisioning: Consumers profiles based on key behavior, location, and content trends creating specific and targetable mobile audiences for advertisers.
  • Real-time targeting with MYDTOOLS: Technology advertisers achieve precisely-targeted campaigns and developers monetize their inventory.

For Advertisers


  • Place your ads in mobile sites, on video content and apps.
  • Link with the audience you need, when you want, by using MYDTOOLS you will achieve precisely targeted campaigns.
  • Target your audience by gender, age, behavioral characteristics, mobile content, device, Wi-Fi, carrier, and geo-localization.



  • Real-Time Reporting of Your Earnings: Displays of number of ad impressions and clicks, click-through rate and earnings;
  • See the data by day, mobile apps, and more.
  • Full control on filtering ads: URL, Text, Category, Language, and Country.
  • Content filter: Brand safety and competitive ad filtering.
  • Content safety: Block unwanted ads.

For Developers


  • Developers have available with MYDTOOLS an advanced tools and resources control. This way they manage their in-app inventory, increasing revenue.
  • They are able to download SDKs, set-up their apps, manage inventory, attain performance data and insights.
  • The latest SDKs, operates with MobYD's premium brand video, rich media, and banner ads in their apps.