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Ads with full-motion visual presentations of informations. They include audio and text elements and full-motion video aspect. Consumers are more immersed in ads that are contextually relevant. There are for primary types of mobile video ads:

In-stream video

The first choice on mobile advertasing. They appear directly before videos clips or as a commercial break in full episodes. A type of pre-roll video popular in video programming online.

Interactive pre-roll video/ interstitial video/ pre-app video

Pre-roll video Ads that apear outside of the video experience. For example, at app launch, between game levels, or at screen change.

In-banner video

A banner that plays a video automatically, creating a movement and enciting the viewer to click. After click, it expands and the video restarts with audio, allowing viewers to watch the entire video with all capabilities.

Tap-to video

An unobstrusive display ad that offers the choice for consumers of experiencing a video ad by enticing them to tap to a full screen video ad.