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Mobile advertising is a type of advertising that uses the devices that are mobile, for example mobile phones, tablets, dashtop, including GPS navigation, satellite radio, and WiMAX-enabled dashtop mobile payment platforms. It is a powerful hand of mobile marketing.

It started with SMS (short message service) when a Finnish news provider offered free news headlines via SMS, sponsored by advertising. This was the beginning of mobile advertising and mobile marketing.

Mobile devices have overcome the PC and established a new, and more powerful way for communications, and of course to “deliver” advertising. More personal, with much better targetting, anywhere and all times.

Mobile media consumption is flourishing, as consumers are now spending more time on their mobile devices than watching TV. “In the U.S., people are spending about 142 minutes a day on their devices, compared to 135 minutes for TV and 96 minutes on PCs, making mobile the primary media consumption channel.” (Forbes March, 2012)

With the help of HTML5 standardize mobile ads is easier, differences in device screen sizes, processing capabilities, available RAM and browser capabilities, are no longer a problem as before, enabling most devices the possibility to reach all consumers, giving them the right experience even with different devices.

The possibilities of targeting in mobile advertising are emense. For example, with geo- targetting, with a PC you can where you live, and with a mobile device is where you are. So the possibilities in advertising and most important, the relationship between advertise and your daily experience is much richer, for example, helping you find the business that you need at a distance of a footstep, or being invited for a brand awareness party or other marketing or commercial event.