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Welcome do MobYD

MobYD is a Global Mobile Ad Network. MobYD has 12500 publishers and is linked with the TOP 10 Mobile Ad Networks and key Local Mobile Ad Networks. Our network is growing and improving every day, delivering the best ad campaigns in mobile advertising.

MobYD has a unique inventory, focus on launching brands campaigns and quality applications download campaigns, given the premium character of the advertising space available on our network.

Mobile Advertising

MobYD Mobile Ad Network is focus on working with performance Mobile Agencies, brand advertising and operators, delivering the best convertible traffic, instead of just traffic. Single targeting capabilities for mobile advertising.

MobYD 24/7 support will help you start your campaign and with MYDTOOLS Technology Engine Ad Server will optimize your advertising campaign, searching and targeting the best audience for you.

MobYD carrier-grade platform is designed for Operator’s high-traffic, high-volume mobile advertising campaigns to reach faster their costumers.

Site and app Monetization

Publishers and Developers will maximize your earnings on your Mobile Sites or Apps through MobYD adserver that optimizes your advertising revenue. Filter and choose the ads fit best for your site/app.

Get the best Mobile Rich Media content ads, for greater earnings. Control the ads that appear on your mobile sites/apps. Integration with MobYD Network is easy and fast and you will have 24/7 support. MobYD will also help you acquire new users for your mobile apps and increase traffic on your mobile site, so you keep growing your advertising revenue.